Free Medical Clinic

It is our pleasure to let you all know free medical clinic at our mandir finished first year of operation. During past year, we served well over 250 patients who made more than 600 visits!

Given current healthcare situation with uncertainty around providing healthcare coverage repeal healthcare coverage promised by so called ‘Obamacare’ health plan, approved by prior Congress. Mounting deficit at federal and state levels along with poor economic outlook is pushing more and more Americans with no healthcare coverage. Unfortunately, no community is an exception in this nightmare.

In order to provide very basic healthcare services, our mandir decided to start free medical clinic where anyone is invited to seek free health.

Given various environmental, dietary and now genetic factors, many of the patients suffer with certain diseases such as diabetes mellitus (high sugar), hypertension (high BP), dyslipidemia (high cholesterol), hypothyroidism (thyroid problems), etc.

At clinic, our patients receive free screening for above mentioned diseases and receive ongoing testing and treatments for the same.

Following services are provided:

  1. Physician / nurses visit
  2. Routine blood tests including
    • CBC- blood count
    • CMP – metabolic panel including glucose, kidney and renal function
    • TSH – thyroid test
    • Lipid Profile – cholesterol tests
    • HgA1c – average blood sugar level over last 3 months period
  3. They also receive free medications to help them control diseases mentioned above by pharmacist.
  4. Diabetes Education Nurse – we have Ms. Diptiben Shah, who is specialized in providing education to diabetic patients. She provides one to one teaching and once or twice a year, she runs diabetic teaching camp where she discusses how to manage diabetes including dietary restrictions and early detection of complications.

All these services are provided TOTALLY FREE to all patients who come to the clinic. In order to serve more needy patients, we advise patients without any healthcare coverage to seek care from clinic.

The Clinic usually runs between 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM on third Sunday of the month at mandir on second floor. In order for us to serve as many patients as possible, please register by 2:15 PM on clinic days.

Thank you all, our patients and wonderful volunteers for supporting much needed free health clinic. In order for us to serve more patients, we are looking for volunteers (who can help with filing of records, phlebotomists, pharmacists or pharmacy technicians, physicians, etc.) Please feel free to meet Diptiben during clinic hours. I would also like to thank mandir administration for their unparalleled support. -Dr. Sanjay Amin

Car Pooja

Got a new car and wants to get it’s pooja done? You can visit our temple during any operation hours to get car pooja done by our swami.

Blood Drive

Our principals suggest to give back and support community. So we arrange blood drives regularly to give back those in needs. Please contact us to find out more information on upcoming blood drives arrange by our temple.