Dharma Religion
Virtuous conduct as defined in the ‘Shurtis’ and ‘Smrutis’ are known as the Dharma.

Bhakti Devotion
Supreme fervour of the soul combined with the consciousness of the glories of the Supreme are known as ‘Bhakti’. Nothing other than pure love and devotion to God can guide one to the enlightened vision of God and to great deliverance.

Gnan Enlightenment
Correct awareness about the forms of the Soul, illusion and God are known as ‘Gnan’

Vairag Renunciation
Dispassion for all matter except the Eternal God is known as Vairagya.

Maya Illusion
It is considered ‘Tri-Gunatmika’ i.e. deceptive illusion prevails in all the three qualities of minds ((1) Satva, (2) Rajas and (3) Tamas); to be possessed by maya (illusion) is to be caught in darkness; God is the Lord of maya who acts as the power of God; It breeds ego in one for his body and for the relatives of the body too.

Mukti Great Deliverances
To worship God in a mood of identity with the eternal is known as ‘Mukti’

Atma Soul
Is situated in the heart and is in size, smaller than an atom; it is the source of energy and is the real knower. The soul is dissipated throughout the entire body from head to toe; in character it is inseparable, impenetrable, indestructible and immortal.

Paramatman The Supreme Soul